Festival Rajasthan

Camel Festival in Rajasthan

Camel Festival in Rajasthan

That is organized by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture in Rajasthan. One of the most famous occasions in Rajasthan, the Camel Festival is an immense draw for travellers over the world. Bikaner was always an inaccessible land and as a result of its people greatly depended. On the camel for their transport and day-to-day work. The ship of the desert is still an integral part of Bikaner’s culture. And the camel festival is almost like a tribute to the lifeline of Bikaner.

The Camel Festival starts

With a colourful procession of gaily-decorated camels that head to the open grounds. Later a camel pageant is held, where the owners proudly display their camels. That is decorated in a colourful manner complete with jewellery and fur designs. After the pageant, there are many contests held that include camel races, tug of wars and fur cutting displays. It is really great to see both tourists and locals cheer the camels as they slog. Tt out to emerge the best. Another amazing thing to witness during the fair are camel dances. Wherein the gaily-decorated camels. move in graceful rhythm according to their trainer’s directions.

At the camel fair, you can also try out some of the delicacies prepared with camel milk. Besides enjoying camel rides you are also treated to an amazing display of colours. As you see the local population arriving at the fair in their colourful and ethnic best.

Come evening and the whole ambience undergoes a magical transformation. Bonfires are lit and a number of local artists and performers descend on the grounds. To entertain visitors with their lovely performances. On the final day of the camel fair, a grand display of fireworks lights up. The evening sky of Bikaner., Thus bathing it in light. In fact, the fireworks symbolize the culmination of two very enjoyable days with a promise. More fun and enjoyment the next year thus exhorting visitors to come back to magical Rajasthan again the following year.

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