Desert Safari in Rajasthan

Desert Safari in Rajasthan

Investigate the wild of Rajasthan through desert safaris. A golden chance to escape into unspoiled nature’s lap. A journey is full of sheer adventures. A rendezvous with unique flora and fauna. And the excitement never ends. Travel to Rajasthan and experience all these in a safari.

Rajasthan literally meaning the “Land of Princes” still radiates with its rich golden past. Forts, Palaces, Havelis and temples with intricate carvings, the wonderful landscape together with the romance of bravery and courage, colourful dresses and dazzling jewellery – all these make Rajasthan a top tourist destination. A land of contrast from tranquil lakes with island palaces to remote villages untouched by time. A Rajasthan safari offers a varied and comprehensive journey of Rajasthan. This will certainly bring to life all the majesty, mystery and enchantment of this Royal Land. In a nutshell, it can be said with absolute certainty that a journey to Rajasthan is incomplete without undertaking a safari.

Explore the outback in a truly unbelievable way, travel by camel or jeep safari, cook by the campfire and sleep under the starry sky. Forget your world of traffic jams and pass through the breathtaking both green and desert landscapes of colourful Rajasthan.

Desert Safari

Desert safari in RajasthanTravel to, Rajasthan India
In this royal state, you can see a traditional way of life in complete harmony with its wilderness. A journey to Rajasthan provides a cultural aspect and incredible scenery that will be a memory not to be forgotten.

It will be once in a lifetime experience for those who are imbibed with the spirit of adventure. And a knack of doing something a little different. You will come to know how this colourful and fascinating part of the world. Survives and why the camel has been given pride of place among the desert animals. The reason is not far to seek. Aptly called the Ship of the Desert, it is the most invaluable animal. In the exploration of this Great Indian Desert of Thar. Hence travel to Rajasthan and explore its palaces, forts and sand dunes with a safari.

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