Elephant Festival in Rajasthan

Elephant Festival in Rajasthan

Elephant festival in Rajasthan has always been known for its festivals and fairs. That gives it a distinct character and depth. In fact, all these events are basically an extension of Rajasthan’s culture, which never fails to mesmerize people. The annual Elephant Festival in Jaipur is another such event that is sure to fascinate many. Held during the festival of Holi, the Elephant festival is basically. A celebration of the advent of spring and an elaborate celebration of life as a whole.

Upon the arrival of the Elephant Festival, each street in Jaipur appears to prompt the well known Polo Ground. The celebration is hauled off by a tremendous parade of intricately brightened elephants, camels. And steeds pursued by a band of society entertainers. Music, moving and shading become the request for the day. With huge numbers of individuals diving upon the scene of the most anticipated celebration in Jaipur.

Going by Rajasthan’s long-standing association with elephants, the gentle beast leads the proceedings of the festival with aplomb. It is by a wide margin the most significant visitor of the celebration. Guests at the Elephant Festival are blessed to receive an uncommon elephant magnificence expo, which is one of the favourite attractions of the fair. Add to it colourful dance performances, races and tug of wars. But the polo match played by colourfully dressed men. on elephants is by a wide margin the most significant fascination of the Elephant Festival.

The Elephant Festival of Jaipur

In the event that you additionally need to be a piece of this energizing occasion one year from now, make sure that you are in Rajasthan on the 14th of March (2006) and be a part of an event that is sure to change your conventional way of looking at fun and relaxation.

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