The second-largest city of Rajasthan and you’ll see why it is one of the most preferred travel destinations in India. Jodhpur stands on sandstone hills. And is surrounded by a strong wall of 10 km. The Rajput chief Rao Jodha founded Jodhpur in 1459. Jodhpur was the centre of power of the Rathore clan of Rajput warriors in Rajasthan. You can see many places of interest in and around Jodhpur on your Travel Itinerary. A visit to will truly takes you back to an earlier royal time when brave warriors and beautiful princesses lived in magnificent forts and beautiful palaces.


History of Jodhpur

The history of states that it was founded by a Rathore chief named Rao Jodha in 1459 AD. Naming the city after himself, Rao Jodha also built a highly barricaded fort. Which was virtually impregnable. In the course of time, Jodhpur became a highly prosperous city owing to its. Strategic location on the Delhi – Gujarat trade route.

Soon caught the fancy of the Mughals. But due to cordial relations between the Rajputs and the Mughals, Emperor Akbar. Thought it prudent not to run into any hasty war. Instead, a marriage between the then ruler Udai Singh’s sister and Akbar ensued in 1561. Which further gave a boost to Jodhpur’s history of friendly relations with the Mughals. But history again points out that in course of time Jodhpur. Got embroiled in another crisis when its ruler supported the wrong prince. In the Mughal, War of succession between the four sons of Shah Jahan. Ultimately, Aurangzeb ascended the throne and punished Jodhpur by attacking it and forcing its entire populace to embrace Islam.

With the weakening of Mughal power, was able to assert its independence. And reinstate its earlier glory under the aegis of its ruler Ajit Singh. After the Mughals, the Marathas were the next big threat to Jodhpur. With the signing of a treaty, the Marathas promised to look after Jodhpur’s security in lieu of a ransom. After the fall of the Marathas, the ruling family of Jodhpur signed a treaty with the British. This arrangement continued till became a part of independent India.

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort:

Built by Maharaja Man Singh, it is a fine example of the military might of Rajputs perched on an imposing hill. Mehrangarh fort is spread over 5 km Mehrangarh Fort there are beautiful palaces. carved balconies and a museum of weaponry. Clothing and artefacts of the Rathore rulers of Jodhpur.

Umaid Bhawan:

Initially worked as a business age venture during a year when the state endured an extreme dry spell. The Umaid Bhawan Palace is an excellent legacy lodging. It’s excellent engineering, legacy climate.

Jaswant Thada:

This white marble structure is the cenotaph of the leaders of Jodhpur.It contains commemorations of past lords and nobles of the Rathore faction. Numerous travellers rush to his sanctum to pay their praise.

Shopping in Jodhpur

As Known the antique hunter’s paradise, Jodhpur’s colourful markets beckon you to visit them and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Shopping in Jodhpur can include a variety of items like tie and dye fabrics, embroidered shoes, leather products, local handicrafts and exquisitely carved woodwork. In fact, the markets have so much to offer that a visitor will be spoilt for choice. Don’t forget to buy some of the beautiful bangles that can be found almost everywhere.

Some of the most popular markets in include the Kapra Bazaar, Tripollia Bazaar, Sadar Market, Mochi Bazaar and the Lakhera Bazaar. While shopping in Jodhpur, you can also drop in at Sankhala Handloom. Salawas Durry Udyog and the National Handloom Corporation. Thus it can be assured that shopping in Jodhpur is an experience. You will like to relive again and again.

How to Reach


A well-maintained network of roads link Jodhpur to places like Delhi, Udaipur and Jaipur. Private and government-owned buses ply between and major destinations in and around Rajasthan. Auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, bikes and tongas are the principal modes of local transport.


The Jodhpur railway station is situated 4 km away from the city centre. Direct trains connect Jodhpur to places like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and all the major places in Rajasthan.


Jodhpur airport is located in the cantonment area, which is 5 km away from the city centre. The airport is managed by the Indian Air Force. And has flights to and from Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur and Jaipur.

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