Jodhpur is the romance of the desert is alive in the city of Jodhpur. Jodhpur was a major centre for trade and commerce in the 16th century. Today Jodhpur is the second-largest city in Rajasthan. The city is situated on the edge of the Thar Desert. However the dynamic quality of the individuals. Their clothing, their music and their painstaking work. Impart a colossal soul of exhilaration into nature. You can see during your Jodhpur visit.

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

On the off chance that you are enthusiastic about getting a charge out of a sneak. Look into the former period, visit Jodhpur. Among very much wanted spots to visit in Jodhpur are castles, fortifications, places of worship, historical centres, and gardens that eloquent the past greatness. Here, we present you the best 5 vacationer puts in Jodhpur that talks. a wide margin about this heavenly gem to the crown of Rajasthan.

Mehrangarh Fort

The Mehrangarh Fort is 5 km long and probably the biggest fortress in India. Some of them are Moti Mahal, Phool Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Sileh Khana and the Daulat Khana. These palaces are a store of priceless collections of palanquins, miniature paintings, musical instruments, period costumes and antique furniture.


Umaid Bhawan Palace 

Discover the whole palace, which houses a museum with a good collection of artefacts. The architecture of the palace is a combination of the European classical style and some oriental elements. All structured by the prestigious Polish craftsman and decorator, S Norblin. The Umaid Bhawan Palace is a true wonder. It contains a private cinema hall, a luxurious swimming pool. That has a gorgeous inlay of tiles depicting all the zodiac signs, huge royal suites, grand ballrooms. A majestic durbar hall, billiards room, libraries and staff quarters


Jaswant Thada 

Travel to Jaswant Thada built in honour of Maharaja Jaswant Singh. In the 19th century, this royal cenotaph is built in white marble. You can view some rare portraits of the rulers of Jodhpur that are displayed here.


Sardar Market and Girdikot 

A favourite haunt for trinkets and colourful. Handicrafts when you are on Jodhpur tour. Travel these markets filled with narrow lanes and by-lanes situated in the very heart of the city.


Government Museum 

Situated right in the middle of the Umaid Public Gardens. The museum is a treasure trove of weapons, textiles, miniature portraits. sculptures, antique weapons and beautiful images of the Jain Tirthankars.


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