Encompassed with beautiful valley and hilly terrains, in Rajasthan is one of the most favourites. Travel destinations of the travellers arriving to travel Pushkar. Home to the biggest camel fair in India held in October or November and around 400 temples; also has the honour of having the only Brahma Temple in India. Travel to visit the holy  Lake that makes a pilgrimage tourist destination. People from all over India gather during the Kartik Month to pay obeisance to Lord Brahma. Amongst the numerous temples, the famous temples in Pushkar are the Savitri temple. The Rangji Temple, the Mahadeva temple, Varaha temple and Man Mahal temple. And painted textiles and also old silver jewellery.


History of Pushkar

one of the favourite retreats of the Mughal rulers who used to come regularly to spend time here. In fact, the history of states that it is the very place where the first contact between the Mughals and the British took place. After the decline of the Mughals, the Scindias took over the control of Pushkar and handed it over to the British thus making Pushkar one of the few places.
However, Pushkar’s history also has its share of legends. According to one, Pushkar was created during a battle between Lord Brahma and a demon named Vajra Nabh. Brahma finally killed the demon with a lotus flower and three petals from the flower floated down and landed in Pushkar leading to the creation of the three lakes.

Pushkar Tourist Destination

Pushkar Lake:

The Lake is encompassed in each of the four sides by desert and slopes. The Nag Pahar (Snake Mountain) isolates the Lake from Ajmer. The legend related with the Lake is that Kalidas composed the Abhigyan Shakuntalam in the pleasant area of this lake. The Panchkund and a cave located near the lake. Are not to be missed by you during your travel.

Pushkar Fair:

The Pushkar Fair is the largest camel fair in India held annually in Oct/Nov. The most important day is on the full moon of Kartik when pilgrims take a holy dip in the Pushkar Lake. Apart from a large sale of cattle, leatherware, clothes and household items; the most exclusive events of the fair are camel-cart races and cultural events.

Man Mahal:

On the banks of the Lake is now converted to RTDC Sarover Tourist Bungalow. Also, a must-visit is the heritage hotel palace (Kishangarh House) that adjoins the Man Mahal.

Pushkar is known for its serene atmosphere for most of the year. During the Pushkar Fair. The town is completely transformed and is enveloped. In a festive atmosphere. You can observe the peaceful and tremendous parts of when you travel to in Rajasthan India.

Shopping in Puskhar

A riot of many colours is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan. It is a place, which can rightly be called an extension of Rajasthan’s vibrant culture. As for shopping in it can be an experience you will be in no hurry to forget. Exotic, lively and ethnic – this is what you would call the colourful markets and shops.

While you are shopping in Pushkar, you can collect a host of memorabilia like bangles, beads, embroidered clothes and shoes. Beautiful miniature paintings, leather goods and colourful wooden toys also serve as excellent gifts for your friends back home. If you are anywhere in Rajasthan during the annual fair, don’t forget to visit it once before you leave Rajasthan. Shopping in the fair is even more enjoyable as you can also enjoy a host of other things like folk performances, camel races and other such events.

Everything about the markets is magic and you never realize that unless you are there. Do visit and indulge in some market hopping, which is sure to give you the experience of a lifetime. While shopping in Pushkar, make sure that you visit Sarafa Bazaar, Baza Bazaar and Kedalganj Bazaar, which would add a new dimension to shopping in Rajasthan.

How to Reach Pushkar


Pushkar is located at a distance of 403 km from Delhi and 145 km from Jaipur. There are two bus stands in Pushkar, the Marwar bus stand and the Ajmer bus stand. Besides, Pushkar is well connected to some major places in India and all parts of Rajasthan.


Ajmer, situated a ways off of 11 km away from Pushkar, is the closest railroad station. It has customary train administrations to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur and Ahmedabad.


The Jaipur airport is located at a distance of 138 km from Pushkar. It operates many flights to and from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Udaipur.

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