Festival Rajasthan

Rajasthan Fairs and Festivals

Rajasthan Fairs and Festivals

Rajasthan Fairs and festivals mirror the spirit of life is imbued in the very sands of Rajasthan, India.
Travel to the vibrant fairs and the striking festivals of Rajasthan that are celebrated to commemorate. The changes of seasons, religious occasions, to mark cattle bazaars and a hoard of other traditional and cultural reasons.

Discover the cultural panorama of Rajasthan. The is invariably on display at these fairs and festivals that are celebrated. According to the lunar calendar. Watch puppeteers in action, becharmed with the open-air Chair. Ghumar and other folk dance performances, watch snake-charmers display their skill. Ride a giant wheel and get the artistic henna pattern.

Camel is decorated with trinkets and colourful cloth to attract buyers. Watch the happening camels races that seem to create an eager frenzy in all the spectators and let a local astrologer read your palm as you savour traditional delicacies at the stalls.

Most of the fairs and festivals of Rajasthan, India are held for 2 to 10 days and each of these has certain characteristic rituals and traditions that are relived every year in keeping with the rich ancient traditions of this royal land.

The Rajasthan fairs and festivals are extremely lively affairs that seem to infuse a new life. Let Travel to Rajasthan take you to this brilliant land and give you an experience of a lifetime as you travel to the Rajasthan fairs and festivals.

Some of the popular fairs and festivals of Rajasthan, India are Gangaur fair, Nagaur fair, Pushkar fair, Marwar festival, Desert festival, Camel festival, Elephant festival, Kite festival and others.

Fairs And Festival calendar

 Elephant Festival
Baneshwar Fair (8-12 Feb 2006)
Brij Festival (10-12 March, 2006
 Desert Festival (10-12 Feb, 2006) Dussehra Mela (10-12 Oct, 2005)
 Elephant Festival (14th March, 2006) Gangaur Fair (1-2 April, 2006)
 Mewar Festival (1-2 April, 2006) Marwar Festival (16-17 Oct, 2005)
 Nagaur Fair (4-7 Feb, 2006) Pushkar Fair (12-15 Nov, 2005)
 Sheetala Ashtami (23 March, 2006) Summer Festival (1-3 June, 2006)
 Teej Festival (8-9 aug, 2005) Urs Ajmer Shariff (7-15th Aug, 2005)

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