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Shopping in Rajasthan India

Shopping in Rajasthan India

Shopping in Rajasthan India Rajasthan and you’ll find yourself in a shopper’s paradise. The markets of the cities of Rajasthan are known for their wide range of traditional.You can find everything from gems and jewellery, paintings exquisitely carved. And painted chess sets and furniture, tie and dyed clothing, garments with mirror work and embroidery. Traditional kurtas, cholis and lehengas, (shirts, blouses and skirts) and of course colourful turbans. You can shop to your heart’s content in the markets of Rajasthan.

The rich cultural traditions of the state of Rajasthan in Northwest India, also known as the “Land of Kings. Continue to be carried on by the descendants of the skilled master craftsmen. Who lived in the courts of the Kings and Princes of earlier times, as you’ll see when you travel to Rajasthan.
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The tradition of Rajasthani miniature painting, characterized by depictions of people in profile. The fine detailing of layers of clothing and the surrounding landscape was courtly. Art practised by skilled painters, who painted the ruling family and scenes from Indian epics, myths and legends. These exquisite paintings are now available to everyone – for a price, so you can enjoy looking. At them and buying them when you travel to Rajasthan. You can bring home a masterpiece of Rajasthani miniature painting and have a Rajasthani belle grace your wall.

Jewellery of Rajasthan

The gems and jewellery of Rajasthan are world-famous. Known for their cutting and polishing skills, the craftsmen of Rajasthan have made a name for themselves worldwide. Various semi-precious and precious stones are offered for sale in the markets of Rajasthan. Both silver jewellery and gold jewellery are worn by Rajasthani women and men. Enjoy decking yourself up like a prince or princess while shopping for jewellery when you travel to Rajasthan.

The clothing of Rajasthan is a feast for the eye. The bright colours contrast with the dull sand of the desert. The bright colours are made from natural dyes extracted from flowers plants and minerals. Sanganer in Rajasthan is known for its floral designs and prints. Barmer in Rajasthan exports naturally dyed and block printed clothing known as “Bandhej” around the world. The tie and dyed clothing called “Bandhini” is also very popular. Customary weaving and mirror work is seen on attire in Rajasthan especially among the innate Banjara individuals. Their ethnic garments is additionally prevalent with urban tenants who look for an innate look.
Shopping in Rajasthan, Travel to Rajasthan, India

The camel – the ship of the desert – proves to be of use even after death. The hide of the camel is used for leather after a camel dies a natural death.(so there’s no cruelty involved in using camel leather). The tough leather is used to make bags, slippers and booties (slip-on shoes) often decorated with embroidery. These beautiful yet durable things make amazing trinkets of your shopping excursion to Rajasthan. Camel’s bone is also carved into various artefacts including jewellery boxes and cases.

Enjoy shopping to your heart’s content for the fabulous arts and crafts of Rajasthan. In the markets of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur, when you travel to Rajasthan India.

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